Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Excerpt 19- Chapter 15 of My ArmOr

My Soul’s a Twitter

I joined the social network TWITTER before my trip.  I affectionately called it, “Where my e-mail spam goes for a second chance at being read.”  This afforded me the chance to get to know some people tweeting.  Slowly, I brought up my array of books.  Once back online after my arm therapy began, I made such an impression that the following person known simply as GLAMINMOTION wrote, TWITTER START UR ENGINES & BREAK UR NECK 2 #Follow Friday @mchanson714 SHE BROKE her ARM & STILL TWEETED-NO BROKEN BONE COULD KEEP HER AWAY!”  I hope no one broke their neck.  Over time tweeting about my arm did draw interest. Some conversations follow.
By the way, for those of you unfamiliar with chatting online, to speak to the right person you address them.  For example, when someone is communicating to me- it will start mchanson714.  In TWITTER, the limit is one-hundred forty characters but if the sentences are hard to read, I’ll fix text.
“Sno_buny, how are you doing?” I tweeted.
She texted, “Mchanson714, I lost dear friend, George- unexpectedly- memorial was Good Friday- It’s been hard on us all.”
“I am so sorry George's passing is so heavy on your soul- look to the good news- God news- it may help you better survive the loss.”
“Thanks so much for your kind words; they brought me a lot of comfort. You are a uniquely caring & thoughtful friend. Hugs!” She answered.
On April 21, I tweeted or talked about missions and hope because sno_buny has a knee problem, so we have shared Physical Therapy (PT) stories- previously.  Plus, she just lost her friend, George, to premature death. “Sorry to hear about your knee. Can I tell you a funny Heaven story?”
“Yeah, I can use a funny story!! Please!”
“I was on my way to PT, today. While driving, it’s very cloudy and yucky.  Maybe, rain is on the way but the drizzle kind.” I wrote to her the character limit followed by an new entry,  “At a stop light, I look up at moving dark and light clouds looking for figures- you know looks like puppy or kitty or...”  Her imagination kicked in as I followed up with, “I've been having a rough month since my shoulder bad news arrived- but was still on the way to work out my pain at PT gym.”  My tweets set the stage, “I looked up & swear clouds formed Blues Brother's image. You know the 2 guys with dark sunglasses & I thought- I been blue, brothers!”  Using only one-hundred forty characters per post and having to address your tweet partner takes getting used to doing; my story wasn’t complete, “Then it flashes in my head- not lightning cuz drizzle rain rarely produces lightning- the sudden light is a cool message delivered.” Finally, my message arrived, “Sno_buny, in a funny way, I'm on a mission from God. As I chuckle at my thoughts, the light changes at the next light my blues are gone.”
She responded, “Mchanson714, that was such a great line in that movie! I can almost picture you seeing all that & UR thinking; pretty funny stuff.” She tweeted back to me.
“For weeks, I haven't heard my own laughter due to my bad news but today my Humerus may still be gone (metal) but my humor is back.” I smiled while posting the thought, “I'm thinking what you need today is to find your cloud and ride the wave of laughter. Just a thought....”
She answered, “I think you're right about needing some laughter - thanks for your story!! You're terrific! Hugs.
“I can't give you your friend back; you can't give me my real bone back, but we can make light of it all.” I’m referring to laughter and letting God control it through His ever present shining light! My jesting continued, “Being bionic is not all it's cracked up to be!”
My bone was shattered but not my life.  Thus, a few conversations about faith start with this one.  I tweeted, “Mommanissel, I think my life is normal but people have some of my story while I run the whole gamut of what can go wrong in a life.” I explained how to keep it together, “My sanity is due to my faith, hope, & love; it’s the only reason I can come up with for being fine after being thru my life.” I reflected, “If my life was offered to anyone else, they’d say Hell no! But- underneath it all, I got lucky The Supreme Being is a great partner in hard times.”  To clarify, I’m referring to my personal tragedies not the people in my family and life. What I mean is no one really wants to take another person’s cross or issues; they just want to take their rewards.
Then, I expanded a bit on my trials and tribulations with God guiding me. “From the beginning of my memories, I was guided and protected in all my storms; there have been too many.”
She responded, “Mchanson714, I think God has angels on earth, and you are one of them. Hugs!” I’m humbled.
Another soul tweets with me about faith. I tell her about my bad news because she wants to know about the ramifications of shoulder surgery.  She is about to have an optional operation on that area. I tweeted, “Harvestworker, it seems my bone died & disappeared where the pulley muscle should have attached, so it didn't. I'm limited to below my shoulder unless a miracle occurs.”
She sympathized in one-hundred forty characters or less, “I am so sorry your progress stalled. My shoulder is improving centimeter by centimeter. PT is working on muscle releases.”
We continued to chat agreeing that Doctor God can perform wonders.  My human physician gave me little hope of a full recovery but I ignored his prognosis deciding I’d get my left arm above my shoulder- pulley muscle or not.
Meanwhile, our twittering souls were interrupted by another tweeter talking to me about falling in general.  I felt my accident was too stupid to be real and learning about others’ trips helped me put things into perspective.  Also, learning about all the spills fellow PT patients endured helped me forgive myself for my fall.
I explained to this person,” “Lovejonz618, I used to get embarrassed when I fell.  Now, I just get scared to fall due to my silly one that landed me a bionic arm.
She has had bone replacements as well, “I wish I had bionic legs. Then, maybe, I could jog or run! LOL!”
My interruption followed, “Believe me- it's not like in movies; there’s pain & slow movement. I'd gladly reset history to get back my bone instead of this metal one.”
This lady explained her situation, “I have bone in my ankle from the bone bank. I don't know who to thank for it!”
“WOW! I have metal parts for bone- heavy metal parts!”
This Louisianan shared her trip history, “I fell down stairs at a McHammer concert, off the curb at Mardi Gras, and on a spinning dance floor in New Orleans before Katrina.” I feel a bit less silly about my trip.
Another twittering soul, MissAWalker, random tweets made me unleash my thoughts.  She revealed some PT encounters that she recently experienced.  Thus, I asked her how she was doing after her injuries, she tweeted, “Mchanson714, I’m much better. I’m finished with therapy from my car accident and getting back focused on work.”
After being happy for her, I slowly tell her a weird story from my day, “Today- exiting the freeway- not the earth, I saw a ‘coffin empty’ hearse- We make a left to the next road but I almost got hit by a red light runner!!!” The scene was depicted in few words, “As I sat in one of the double turn lanes, I was aware of the possibility of death because a hearse sat next to me. I entered the intersection timidly.” Explaining my premonition related to that vehicle, my story moved forward “The Hearse was a sign from Heaven to be careful, or the hearse will not be empty of a coffin.”
She tweeted, “What a blessing! That is so true. People just don’t pay attention anymore and do what they want to do.”
My weird posts to her continued, “Once, I witnessed a car smash into a hearse at an intersection; my daughter hoped it didn’t kill anyone. Sorry for my weird humor!”  I explained my thoughts, “About my arm, DR. God is giving me a feeling that It’s not over like the DR and PT think but I'm keeping it secret at PT Gym until I can raise my arm well.” My secret was revealed, “When I finish writing the whole story people are going to say, ‘She's crazy to believe that!’ Or, ‘It sounds crazy but I believe her!’ ”
She believed instead of thinking I was crazy to keep hope alive, MissAWalker responded, “That is what makes your story so amazing.” This lady adds, “Sometimes, you gotta go against what they say because The Almighty Lord is the one that has the final say. So, I’m happy for you!”  She startled me with her faith in my healing through God’s miracles, “Mchanson714, I believe in you. I know that you will be able to lift your arm by August.”

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Excerpt 18- Chapter 15 of My ArmOr

Many glasses flew through the air as I jested like the Greeks, “Opa!”  Nothing stopped my will or my humor.
I made another Facebook entry on May 8th, 2010, “I’m not bragging yet because it is still very labored to get my left arm up.  However, in the past six weeks, since the doctor said I probably wouldn't, I have trained my arm to reach the first level of my cabinets.  It goes super slow or really rapidly; I’m working on control.  Then, I’m hoping I can get it even higher.”  I continued my entries in real life as well as other media.
My friend, Maxine, went through extensive physical therapy when her MS put her in a wheelchair. Often, she responded to my online entries or met me in person to encourage me to try whatever felt right to recover.  After I resumed FB, she called, “I missed your messages and was glad to see a positive one.”
“People get tired of watching me do a fraction of an inch higher or wider in movement; they must get fatigued of reading nothing new to report as well. I get worn-out from it all, too!”
“I remember the small milestones are harder for the people watching to register how fundamental they are to your recovery efforts.”
“I know. Those close to me are tired of watching me stumble through little movements.  One day, while lifting my arm and bragging in my usual manner by saying ‘look- look’ my husband stared as if to say there’s nothing new.  However, what was new was that I glided to that position pain free.  It felt like he thought it was too small a feat to command his attention.”
“Yeah, my family used to fail to see some significance in minor achievements.  But- keep going!  You’ll get better.”  Maxine walks with a tilt but that lady left her wheelchair before I met her over twenty years ago.

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