Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An education for Ireen in Malawi

Julie’s last blog, here, tells the education tale of COTN and their efforts in Africa:

Due to my economic support, Ireen   has her personal needs met including that she receives a formal education.  She learns many subjects including how to read; I gave her a copy of the book my niece Thai and mom co-wrote.  

 ‘Thai Food for Thought’ is, also, teaching children halfway around the world how to survive in Florida.  WINK!

We visited the COTN orphans while on our faith-based soccer mission. There are two housing projects for the orphans.

 The young children entertained us at their facility.

The older kids enjoyed giving their presentation as much as we enjoyed watching it.

COTN provides an education system. Ireen goes to their school. Arriving at a good time of year, we got to see the very first graduation from COTN’s school system.

The kids danced their way out of the system excited to face their futures.

Before we left, we shopped at their open air markets and through their widow’s store.  The crafts were gorgeous. 

You can buy their products through this COTN affiliate.

The Widows Craft Sale

I had many underprivileged children for escorts while in Malawi.

I sponsor Ireene. You too can sponsor a child’s personal needs and education, too.

Go through Children of the Nations @

COTN official site LINK

I went to help run a COTN sponsored soccer camp.

I left with many memories sweeter than the raw sugar cane the village in Malawi raised- and shared with us.

Goodbye to the land and its people of Malawi, Africa until I land there, again!

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