Monday, July 15, 2013

Julie connects with Ireen in 2013

It had been five years since I last saw my sponsored child, Ireen, and her remote, African village.
Upon seeing her two things came to mind.  
 She was beautiful.  
 She grew up including much much taller. 
In fact, she was large enough to be a formidable goalie for her village’s team.

On the first soccer day, I tried to make sure some of the donated sports apparel went to my child.  To my amazement, Ireen only wore one sock and no shoes. 
She played like a champion in spite of her lack of gear.

Like this girl, Ireen's regular day consisted of an early morning call to go fetch water and carry it home and then off to school that young lady went.

She’d moved to her aunt’s home; my translator didn’t elaborate on this family decision. 
 I was just glad to see she was thriving.

Due to her five years in the education system, Ireen appeared to understand me.  She’d answer in short phrases but mostly yes or no.  She amazed me.  In the same five years, I  learned only key words such as greetings in her language.

I did some chores with the women of her family.   
We made a goat stew one day.  
 They still had the desire to share their meager staples with me and my interpreter.

The villagers still had the spirit to dance and sing.  
 In fact, we played a song and dance game.   
The theme of that reverie was about forgiving.

Near the end of our stay, we had quiet time with our sponsored children.  I gave Ireen a special gift that day.  My 5 year old niece, Thai, wrote a picture book with my mom’s help; my young relative wanted the other girl to have a copy. 
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