Thursday, June 6, 2013

Preparing for Africa

As you know,  Julie is heading back to Malawi for a two week soccer-mission trip at the end of June 2013.

In her words:

The first time I went to Malawi was back in 2008; I met the Suwedi family and a young girl named Ireen. Since going to Africa the first time, I’ve done some things to help the folks in that country. The following are some other things I got involved with between 2008 and my next or second trip at the end of this month 2013.

1. I send a stipend to COTN to supply education and essential needs to a young girl named Ireen.

2. I’ve helped collect and repackage hygiene packs. I placed things such as shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other things in Ziplocs with one set of products for each plastic pouch. Those bags were shipped to Africa for healthier and cleaner living.

3. I’ve collected and sorted soccer apparel so that village teams could feel more unified wearing at the very least the same colored uniforms as they played.

4. I’ve had a sharing night inviting friends for dinner then feeding them African style. That is to say they had beans, water, and simple spoon bread. I did a slide presentation.

5. I enlarged my photos as art placing them in a local Christian café that supports African missionaries. Those art pieces are for sale.

6. I’ve funded mission friends that returned to help in Malawi, Africa.

7. I’ve prayed for causes related to the African plagues.

8. I’ve read more about their water problems as well as the other African plagues, and I'm learning about possible solutions.

9. I’ve joined US groups that do volunteer work here such as AmeriCorps for 2 years.

10. I’ve help locally mentoring a young girl from the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America group.

11. I’ve decided to go back to Malawi, Africa to play soccer with the village youngsters while helping those teens become aware of the wonderful possibilities in life if you keep focused on your goals.

12. I’ve sent gifts to Ireen as well as toys and gently used clothes through COTN to Malawi villagers.

13. I’ve sponsored fund raisers not just for me but for COTN Charity Homepage
14. I’ve joined local groups caring for our earth such as Surfriders.

15. I’ve changed jobs working for a land trust that reclaims damaged lands in Florida and build local parks among other things.

16. I’ve run local projects with teens to do things such as eradication of invasive and foreign species that overtake natural vegetation.

17. I’ve donated to other good causes.

I hope to add to this list through my latest plans. Please, consider helping fund my 2013 trip back to Africa. I would like to invite you to be a part of my support team through prayerfully and financially supporting this effort. I need to raise $3,000 to cover my trip expenses. There are two ways you can help me reach this financial goal. The first is by donating either online at:

Julie @ COTN

or by check made payable to Children of the Nations, with my personal fundraising code on the check memo line (234471). Checks should be sent to: COTN-Venture Program, PO Box 3970, Silverdale, WA 98383. All investments in this ministry are tax-deductible.

Someone will win a T-Shirt that has a picture of the continent on it as well as the following text.

“The Warm Heart of Africa”

To qualify to win send a donation today and comment on this blog.

You can qualify to win other ways, too. If you guest host my African trip or your review a book inspired by my first trip entitled The Choice, you can qualify. Those details are @ T-shirt Contest

Thanks for partnering with me on my return to Malawi!

Do you think my story ends here?

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